Smart Hunting

We find highly qualified professionals aligned with your business vision

Career Mentoring

We develop your human skills and track your career progression in technology

Fractional Leadership

We strategically accelerate the technical quality of your team to boost your business

We remotely connect the best technology professionals from Brazil and LATAM with the most promising startups in the world.

Our experienced consultants are software engineering leaders, understanding industry demands from both technical and managerial angles to find the perfect candidates aligned with your vision.

Human Recruitment with a Technical Eye

Our recruitment and selection approach goes beyond identifying specific technical skills of our candidates. We value people, their stories, and how their visions align with the purposes of our clients. Therefore, we believe that the onboarding of a successful hire begins with smart hunting.

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Meet Our Plans

Unlock your potential with Mr. Brynner – your go-to resource for smart hunting, career mentoring, remote job opportunities and beyond.


Starting $100 USD
  • Quick hiring
  • Talent retention
  • Sustainable team growth


Cost upon consultation
  • Guidance on soft & hard skills
  • Clear medium-term goals
  • Exploring new opportunities


Cost upon consultation
  • Team Lead
  • UX Lead
  • Tech Lead
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