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Increase the productivity and engagement of your team in your business results.

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Leading a team means being at their service, walking alongside those you lead, and helping them achieve their goals.

Leadership as a service teaches that the satisfaction of your employees drives your business. This doesn’t mean catering to every whim, but being attentive to their pain points and showing that their opinions matter.

Leaders should treat employees as their customers. This is the vision that will boost the productivity and engagement of your team in your business results.

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People + Processes + Products

Transform your business with the synergy of the 3 P’s: Talented People, Agile Processes, and Cutting-edge Digital Products. Discover the integrated formula that elevates your brand, optimizes results, and captures the essence of digital success. Connect with us and unlock your business’s potential.


“In the time I have worked with Brynner inside ACT and Moderna he has proven to be an excellent leader, he knows how to bring a team together and allow people to grow and work at their best conditions. He has a background in coding and this really makes him stand out, since he knows what the team faces on a daily basis, and what is required for the team to shine.”


“Dedicated professional always looking to stay updated with market trends. One of his main traits is having extensive knowledge about UX and Front End technologies. However, he can be described as a peerless polymath, a great person to have on a team.”

🇧🇷 Thiago

“Brynner Ferreira provided blindingly fast understanding of our needs and his code was perfect to fit our needs. The experience was very positive.”

🇺🇸 Ken

“Thank you Brynner, was very happy with the result, delivered ahead of time and clearly and promptly communicated. Looking forward to working with you again soon.”

🇦🇺 Lana

The right match for remote work

Remote work expands global opportunities and impacts salary ranges. Experience and reputation take center stage; culture and match are crucial.

Find Your Opportunity

Find your opportunity and learn how to stand out in the job market by crafting a resume that catches recruiters’ attention.

Satya Nadella's Leadership

Satya Nadella’s leadership helped revitalize Microsoft in 2014, transforming its culture and tripling its market value.

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