The right match for remote work

As remote work gains momentum, there are no longer geographical barriers to opportunities, and your talent can be leveraged and valued anywhere on the planet. Recruitment teams will be even more focused on filtering and fitting professionals with the right skills into the right opportunities. With this adherence and increasingly global competition, there will be significant changes in salary ranges.

Companies from abroad or from cities with a higher cost of living will hire professionals who reside in cities with a lower cost of living, offering a lower salary compared to in-person roles (as already happens on outsourcing platforms). The cost of living in the city where the candidate resides may be taken into account, but it is not a determining factor for the salary. The experience and reputation of the professional will carry even greater weight as a competitive differentiator, and specialists will be more in demand and better paid.

Focus on seeking companies with a culture that aligns with your profile, and where the projects make sense for your career. Skilled and honest professionals will continue to find fair and transparent companies. The right match is the primary factor for long-term relationships between companies and professionals.

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