Smart Hunting

We find highly qualified professionals aligned with your business vision

We are technical leaders of software engineering teams with experience in people management

Our consultants and partners are technical leaders in software engineering, with extensive market experience. We understand the main demands of the industry, from both engineering and management perspectives. This unique combination allows us to identify technically qualified candidates who are aligned with your business vision.

Human Recruitment with a Technical Eye

Our recruitment and selection approach goes beyond identifying specific technical skills of our candidates. We value people, their stories, and how their visions align with the purposes of our clients. Therefore, we believe that the onboarding of a successful hire begins with smart hunting.

Our Plans

Our hunting plans are diversified to meet multiple requirements.


Focus: quick hiring.
$150 $100 USD
  • For each position
  • 3 qualified candidates per position
  • Analysis of Soft Skills with Technical Bias
  • Report for each candidate
  • SLA of 7 days


Focus: sustainable team growth.
$1500 USD / year + 2% of each employee's annual salary upon hiring + 3% upon remaining for 3 months
  • Unlimited positions
  • Unlimited candidates
  • Soft Skills Analysis with Technical Bias
  • Report for each candidate
  • SLA of 1 month
  • Post-hiring mentoring

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"The human factor is the only thing that matters to me, and if you invest in a good team, a good product and a good process, you will certainly make money."
Marcus Lemonis
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