Technical Team Lead (Amazon PPC) at Data Dive

Data Dive is the most comprehensive, powerful, all-in-one software solution for product research, market research, Amazon SEO, and advertising management for consumer brands and service providers selling on Amazon.

Salary: $6,400 to $9,600 USD / month

Model: Remote Jobs

Location: Remote

Timezone: GMT-8 - GMT-3

Stack: AWS, Javascript, NodeJS, React

As a Technical Team Lead (Amazon PPC) you will:

  • Coach and lead 2 to 5 developers to design the best architecture and deliver with high quality
  • Lead team delivery
  • Partner with PPC experts to develop leading tools, review requirements
  • Break down complex requirements into achievable goals along with Engineering Manager
  • Do programming – your hands-on commitment to success
  • Do code reviews, estimate and manage engineering efforts
  • Watch Developers’s tasks progress, escalate and resolve blockers
  • Do quality failures RCA(root cause analysis) and make sure follow-up actions executed
  • Drive innovations in data processing, storage and scraping – ideate and run PoC for new tools, libs and third-party services

As a Technical Team Lead you will own:

  • A team of up to 5 Developers and 1 QA
  • Architecture’s Design, Scalability, Maintainability and Changeability
  • Implementation Quality and Performance
  • Quarterly Team Delivery OKRs (along with Product Manager)
  • All above for the new Amazon PPC module

You’ll be a great fit if:

  • You bring 8+ years of hands-on and leadership experience in NodeJS, Javascript, AWS
  • You have experience in development of Amazon PPC automation solutions – must have
  • Your architecture development skills are top-notch – microservices, serverless, event-driven, integrations, automated tests topics, 1M+ of daily data points – are your daily topics
  • You Have a proven track record in a SAAS tech lead role in the cross-functional(ideally) team environment
  • You have a dedication to engineering excellence as we are quality first
  • You have a passion for innovation – scout, learn and implement new technologies
  • You have experience with Agile methodologies
  • You enjoy learning business, deliver solutions that bring value and see clients using them
  • You are Fluent English

What You’ll Get:

  • Technical leadership position – boost your hard and soft skills
  • Understand the complex domain of Amazon PPC advertising
  • Technical challenges – huge data set, data scraping and processing, async data updates, massive computation needed
  • Architecture that goes far beyond simple Node/React web app
    Freedom to develop architecture solutions
  • Hire, lead and coach Developers in OKR-driven environment
  • Be part of the cross-functional team – Product Manager + Product Designer + Tech lead + Developers + QA – owning several Functional Modules and deliver value having the deep understanding of client’s needs

Data Dive Cheat Sheet

Data Dive is the most comprehensive, powerful, all-in-one software solution for service providers selling on Amazon.
Data Dive Tools is on a mission to make innovation count. Cutting through the noise, this company embraces first principles, providing practical solutions that bring real value to Amazon sellers. Their sweet spot lies in simplicity and meaningful innovation. Data Dive Tools designs tools that turn Amazon complexities into straightforward, actionable strategies. But they aren’t stopping there, their goal is to bring the impact of this methodology to the masses and expand beyond research into the entire eCommerce space

What they are solving:
Data Dive are making innovation practical and valuable specifically for Amazon sellers, a significant part of their approach is tailored to support and enhance Brandon Young’s Private Label methodology, making it more accessible and impactful for a broader audience. Additionally, Data Dive Tools aims to extend their influence beyond just research, seeking to encompass various aspects of the entire eCommerce space. This involves expanding their tools and strategies to address a wide range of needs and challenges faced by eCommerce businesses, ultimately reshaping the way online commerce operates.

Why you’ll love working at Data Dive:
The Data Dive team:

  • Is a globally diverse team, bringing a wide range of perspectives to the table
  • Embraces a fully remote working environment, allowing flexibility and a broad talent pool
  • Is highly focused on creating innovative solutions in the eCommerce sector
  • exhibit the dynamic and agile nature of a startup, constantly evolving and adapting
  • foster a collaborative and respectful workspace
  • prioritise tangible results and innovative ideas over strict adherence to corporate hierarchy

The DataDive Process:

  • Online UCAT test: A 1-hour simple online capability test
  • Initial Intro: A 30-minute call with our VP of Engineering to share your vision and understand ours
  • Technical Interview: A 1-hour deep dive with an Engineering Manager or Tech Lead to explore your technical prowess
  • Trial: Experience a 2-3-4 weeks in the life at Data Dive, showcasing your skills in a real-world setting
  • Job Offer: If we’re a match, a rewarding career opportunity awaits you
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