Sales Development Representative

at Triple

With a disciplined focus on finding and celebrating the very best agents, teams, and brokerages across the country, Triple has become a premier source of real estate information. Triple has something for you whether you are a first-time buyer, a seasoned investor, or an industry professional. They cover topics ranging from industry trends to pricing to regulations. 

Annual Salary: $12,000 USD + commission. 

Remote from any country.

As a Sales Development Representative you will:

  • Conduct phone sales calls to potential US customers.
  • Build rapport, verify details, and secure endorsements for our pages.
  • Utilize CRM software for effective lead management and sales tracking.
  • Operate an autodialer adhering to exact settings and specifications to ensure accurate data tracking.
  • Manage, follow-up, and maintain a record of your leads.
  • Receive a compensation of $1000/month plus commission.

You’ll be a great fit if you:

  • Possess a minimum of 1-year phone sales experience with a USA-based firm.
  • Are fluent in spoken English (C1-C2 level) with an ability to improvise and address client queries effectively over the phone.
  • Have prior experience with CRM software for lead management and sales tracking.
  • Are adaptable to changes in product offerings and sales strategies.
  • Have the knowledge or the ability to learn to use an autodialer with specific settings for proper data tracking.

Bonus points if you:

  • Exhibit excellent problem-solving abilities.
  • Are comfortable collaborating with our remote email and text-based sales teams.

Triple, fully funded and privately backed by its founding team, has carved a niche as the top source of essential information aiding consumers’ decision-making. They masterfully create engaging ranked lists and ensure top visibility in search results, effectively bridging customers with service providers across diverse sectors like real estate and content creation. Their venture,, builds on the success of, a project that garners 25 million impressions yearly and profits $2.5 million. With grand plans to develop 100 more websites, they envision some of these to grow into standalone enterprises with valuations upwards of $100 million.

What they are solving: Leveraging their expertise in delivering relevant information, they’ve become the go-to platform for consumers during decision-making. Their strategy revolves around creating engaging ranked lists, ensuring top search result visibility, and seamlessly connecting customers to service providers across various niches.

Why you’ll love working at Triple: The Triple Team boasts:

  • A remarkable track record where every startup they’ve built remains operational – a rarity in the startup ecosystem.
  • Experience in scaling companies to $100M and $1B+ valuations.
  • Founding members with multiple stints as CEOs and CTOs.
  • Alumni of the renowned Y Combinator (YC) program.
  • A team comprising of multiple master’s degree holders and graduates from Ivy League and top-tier American universities.
  • A unique structure where the company is entirely internally held, devoid of any external stakeholders.

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