Who We Are

A company born with 21 years of experience

“Mr. Brynner” is more than just another new company in the Information Technology world. It’s the culmination of 21 years of passion, dedication, and hands-on experience of its founder, Brynner. Every service we offer is enriched with decades of insights and learnings.

From technology consulting and UX design to leading teams and projects, to the development of apps and educational infoproducts, we are a comprehensive ecosystem of digital solutions. We prioritize delivering projects with unparalleled quality, establishing long-lasting partnerships that deeply understand our clients’ needs.

Our experience is enhanced by serving a variety of partners, from innovative startups to renowned multinationals and overseas companies. With a mix of traditional expertise and contemporary innovation, we are committed to elevating every project to its utmost potential, ensuring our clients are always one step ahead in the digital world.

Some of the brands that have been served

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